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Prayer and Praise Report
Fishtales – March 22, 2012

Tom Elam began the meeting by asking for testimonies from chaplains and workers about their experiences during the March BMS race and campgrounds.  Nora shared that All American Campground had 44 volunteers working from Thursday to Sunday.  They had 62 attend their Sunday morning worship service and 9 to 10 decisions were made for salvation…. Praise God!  Another campground, where vendors check in, reported giving away over 800 Bibles and they had 12 volunteers to help in that work.  From the Dale Earnhart Terrace, Janet found some out-of-town fans who had returned to the March race and they were hoping to see her again and asking for the latest materials and literature we had to give out.  Some of the BMS workers also remembered her, like John, who came up and got copies of the special racing edition of “Our Daily Bread” and he was seen reading it throughout the race weekend on his breaks.

David Wilson reported that Raceway Ministries had 15 tents set up inside the track and 18 golf carts running outside and around the track.  Over 6,000 Bibles were handed out during the March BMS race, along with 35K-37K race schedules, hundreds of Christian books, gospel tracts and Victory Weekend pamphlets.

The most important statistic, for which we are grateful, is the number of people who made decisions for Christ during the race.  In the Raceway training meeting back in February, it was reported that 71 decisions were made during the August 2011 BMS race and we were asked to pray that 75 would be saved during the March 2012 Race.  Evangelist Steve Wingfield reported that over 100 people were saved during Victory Weekend.  There were also 15 decisions made in written form on the prayer request sheets handed in during the race.  And we know that 9 or 10 were saved at one campground (All American) on Sunday morning.  The numbers are still coming in but we know that God spoke opened many doors and spoke to many hearts as they came into contact with Raceway Ministry chaplains and workers.  We praise the Lord for faithful servants willing to be an instrument in God’s hands to the people He loves and cares about, but most of all we praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us and allowing us the privilege to see Him work in our midst as He draws the lost to His kingdom.

We rejoice with all the heavenly hosts over these that came to the knowledge and saving grace of our Lord Jesus!

Tom Elam brought approximately 50 prayer request sheets to the meeting and divided up the requests among those of us present.  This is something that we as a ministry take very seriously and are dedicated to doing on behalf of those who have taken the time to write down a need or request on their heart.  It was our privilege to lift up these people and their needs to the Father, out-loud and one by one.  The prayer requests included those that came in through our website that Jim and Corey set up before the race so that we could take prayer requests online.

The meeting also involved some announcements and needs for upcoming Raceway Ministry events such as RAM on April 13-15th where golf cart drivers are needed.  The 5K Walk, Run or Ride Fundraiser that will be on May 5th was mentioned as well and we were asked to be getting supporters lined up for us to participate in this event.

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