Before each race week, Bristol Raceway Ministries volunteers and chaplains gather to prayer walk the racetrack and campgrounds.

 In 1 Timothy 2:1-4, Paul exhorts believers to pray specific, need-based, intercessory prayers on behalf of all men. The focus of our intercession is God's kingdom work in people's lives. People matter to God. He created them and He desires to redeem them in Christ. When believers walk in their world and pray, they join His activity as they intercede toward God's redemptive purposes in people.

 Prayer walking is a term often used to describe "field-based" prayer. It can also be called "on-site prayer", "intercession on location", or "prayer in motion." It is focused on specific people in specific locations. It is purposeful or purpose-driven prayer that is evangelistic in its focus. Prayer walking leads to the fulfillment of God's redemptive work in peoples lives. Prayer walking involves prayer that is on-site and visual. Prayer walkers pray with their eyes open. What they see as they walk become specific prayer prompts for their prayers.

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