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Bristol Raceway Ministries has a fleet of 20 golf carts on Bristol Motor Speedway property to serve race fans who are in need of assistance for a ride to the track.  The primary purpose of the golf cart ministry is service and its first priority is to assist those who are handicapped, disabled, injured, the elderly, and those with children.  The other purpose of the golf cart ministry is safety for the handicapped, elderly and disabled as they could experience medical problems or injury without the assistance of a ride up and down the steep hills and long distances between parking lots and the Speedway track.  Assisting those in need helps avoid risks and provides a more safe experience for those who are disabled, handicapped, and have small children.  Golf cart drivers also take people from Care Centers back to their vehicles or the track. At any given Bristol Motor Speedway Race, there are anywhere from 50 to 150 trained and equipped drivers for the golf carts.  All drivers must complete a training course according to BMS rules.

In addition to the 20 golf carts on Speedway property, Raceway Ministries provides additional carts to the following campgrounds for the same use and purpose of service and safety: All American Campground, Earhart East, Earhart West, The Dragstrip (formerly Blue Ox), Shadrack's and also at the Race Day Center.

The service offered by Raceway Ministries by its golf cart drivers includes: a welcome to Bristol; asking the rider where they want to go; the golf cart driver giving their name to the rider and telling them they are part of Raceway Ministries; telling the rider that Raceway Ministries is here to assist the rider and if they need any further assistance to find someone in a blue Raceway Ministries shirt; and supporting the rider with any needs they have, including taking prayer requests if that is desired by the rider.  The driver basically identifies themselves to the riders needing assistance, then educates the rider as to why they are doing this (for free and accepting no tips) – and then edifying those who have asked for the assistance by assessing and addressing any additional needs and helping to meet those needs as well.
The golf cart ministry is a service and ministry to those in need and seeks to reflect the love of Jesus in all aspects of assisting race fans with disabilities, handicapped, the elderly, injured and those with small children and transporting them safely to and from the Speedway.

The golf cart coordinator, David Wilson, can be reached by phone at 865-640-5857.  Race fans needing assistance can also flag down available carts.


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