Another big part of Bristol Raceway Ministries is the work that we do inside the track on race day. We are grateful that Bristol Motor Speedway allows us to work along side them to help ensure the safety and comfort of the race fans that come out to enjoy the races.

Race Control Ministry

The primary responsibility of this ministry is to monitor the Speedway's fan hospitality radio channel to facilitate ministry to race fans. The opportunity to communicate with Bristol Raceway Ministries Chaplains throughout the speedway opens the door for caring service and ministry to race fans who are in need. Race Control works closely with EMS and the Medical Care Centers at the Speedway to help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of race fans who are in distress. Bristol Raceway Ministries Chaplains carry twenty radios and are positioned throughout the Speedway in order to communicate when problems, transportation needs and other emergency situations arise.

Turn Chaplain

Ministry Bristol Raceway Ministries stations chaplains at four locations within the spectator seating throughout each race event. These chaplains are vigilant to scan the seating areas for situations where medical or security assistance is required. If needed, they can summon assistance by radio communications.

When these situations arise, the chaplains, as First Responders, move to the scene and seek to render chaplain-type assistance to family, friends and nearby spectators. They may provide first-aid assistance until emergency medical personnel are able to arrive on the scene.

Infield Chaplain Ministry

Bristol Raceway Ministries place chaplains in the infield of Bristol Motor Speedway during race events, Their primary ministry is to the families of drivers and race team members. Chaplains John Abernathy (left) and Rocky Glenn (right) lead this ministry When appropriate, our chaplains will provide and coordinate transportation assistance to these family members to the Wellmont Regional Care Center in Bristol.


Medical Care Centers

In working with EMS personnel and facilities at the Speedway, Bristol Raceway Ministries Chaplains are stationed at each of the Medical Care Facilities located around the Speedway. Chaplains are available to patients and their family and friends during emergencies. They can arrange for transportation around the Speedway property or to the Bristol Regional Medical Center for patients with non-life threatening problems and/or for their family members or friends. Chaplains can also assist in locating and notifying family members and friends who may still be in the grandstands.



Concourse Tent Ministry

Bristol Raceway Ministries sets up and operates 13 tents spaced around the Speedway: eight 5'x5' tents spaced around the main concourse, two 5x5' tents on the mezzanine and one 5'x5' tent in the lower section of the Waltrip stands. Two larger 10'x10' Chaplain tents on the main concourse near the major EMS care centers. Raceway Ministry Chaplains staff these tents to meet and minister to race fans prior to and during the races according to their need. Christian literature and light refreshments are made available, and prayer requests may be submitted by the fans.


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