Thunder Valley Hospitality Tent, Bristol Raceway Ministries

Located on Thunder Valley Drive, below the Dragway, just inside the East entrance

OUR MISSION: Bristol Raceway Ministries, through its volunteers, serves Bristol Motor Speedway, race fans and their families, track workers, vendors, and many others at non-racing events, by sharing the Gospel and LOVE of Jesus Christ.

DIRECTORS:  Earl Mattox (423.646.6150423.646.6150) Gerry Witte (423.360.8388423.360.8388)

OUR RACE DAY ACTIVITIES: We provide Event Schedules, directions, hot & cold drinks, giant cookies, candy & ear plugs for children,  music, and golf cart ride assistance. We give free Christian literature and New Testaments, we offer prayer and Chaplain services to those in need, and we encourage written prayer requests. We offer love, support, and comfort to all those we meet. We welcome race fans & workers to our 9:00 am Worship Service, Sunday in March and Saturday in August.

HOSPITALITY TENT: God has located our tent where we greet well over 100,000 people every race weekend. When it’s hot, we may give out over 14,000 cold drinks; and when it’s cold, we may give out over 6,000 hot drinks; usually it’s somewhere in between. Every race weekend we typically hand out over 12,000 Race Schedules (with the Plan of Salvation), and hundreds of Scriptural tracts and prayer cards; and we gave out 2,500 BMS New Testaments during the 2011 August race, mostly to young race fans. This is made possible through the support of our local church volunteers: whether thru prayer; by monetary support; by baking, bagging & labeling cookies; making sandwiches & meals; moving equipment; providing transportation; or by actually working at the race track.  Everything we do with LOVE!


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